Kayaking with Charlene on the bay was the MOST fun. 50% paddling 50% laughter. Almost peed myself like 5 times lol. #MommyDaughterVacays #WeMadeFacesForNoParticularReason (at 48TH STREET WATERSPORTS)
Bay views and brunch.
#TheWHARF with the youth dem. #HCPP #Volunteer #PlaytimeFam #DCAdventures ❤️
I usually go Thursdays, but I snuck in on a Tuesday to be a part of this conversation with some of our teens at DC General. An open and then guided discussion about #MikeBrown #Ferguson and  personal experiences further underlined the fact that what is happening in Ferguson is happening in the vast majority of urban communities. So many of our KIDS have had tense interactions with the police, or even lost a family member at the hands of someone considered to be “in authority.” The issues of power, trust, respect echoed in their stories and in their questions. Our young people and their ability to articulate how the view the world around them never ceases to amaze me. #HCPP
[On the stereotypes that shape the lives of our boys.] AND THEN I found out yesterday that Noguera will be at a symposium in DC on 9/19. Hoping to finish this book by then. #ishallbethere #sponsoredbythesmithsonian #blackmales #blacklifematters #education #pedagogy
Taking time, to kiss the sky. While it’s still there, willing and able. #LittleKidAtHeart #AfroPunk2014 #swingsandthings
And THIS is what happens when Sephora is your happy place. 😘😁 #PhillyThangs #withmyBooThangs
Came home and saw this book on my couch instead of its rightful place on the shelf. Opened it to this page and it seemed even more relevant than before. #GiftFromMyAdministration #Noguera #blacklifematters #MikeBrown #SaveOurSons
Symbols and Meaning.

“Whichever one you choose, just know that each one has a meaning. Here in Ghana, everything has meaning.”
Good morning loves! Be purposeful in your approach today 😊 #LessonsFromMorningYoga #BackToMyDCRoutines (at Yoga District H Street)
Filled. With faith, with joy, with love, and with purpose…this first weekend back was a good one. ☺️ #BeFilled #OhYallGolfing? #NopeJustTakingPictures lol #CuzJumpPicsAreAlwaysAppropriate  (at Manor Country Club)
#tbt Because this little boy reminded me that some of the greatest gifts we can give each other cannot be seen, or heard - only felt. #TakeMeBackToGhana
Then I reclaimed my phone. And clearly it runs in the family lol. 😘 #shoutouttomyniece #gotnothinbutloveforyoubabe
Subway inspiration.