Post turnt. Pre slumber. Selfie love. 💁
Post turnt. Pre slumber. Selfie love. 💁
Post turnt. Pre slumber. Selfie love. 💁
Days off. Struggle jogs. Yoga breaks? Lol #SizeDoesntMatter October yoga challenge with @biggalyoga & @yogimj  Day 17: #Headstand #Sirsasana ☺️☺️ #NoFilter just a beautiful day in the District.
"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower." - AC

"If I love you, is that a fact or a weapon?"

— Margaret Atwood  (via m-atangi)

(via kbello)

Day 10 of the October #SizeDoesntMatter is a personal fav: #wheelpose #UrdhvaDhanurasana ☺️ (at Stadium–Armory)
"As I dance, whirling and joyous, happier than I’ve ever been in my life, another bright-faced dancer joins me. We dance and kiss each other and hold each other through the night. The other dancer has obviously come through all right, as I have done. She is beautiful, whole, and free. And she is also me." A.W.                                                                                          Day 9 of the October #SizeDoesntMatter yoga challenge with @yogimj and @biggalyoga : #DancersPose
"Hey there 6am-yoga-class-mat-neighbor, this an odd question but would you mind taking a picture of a pose for this yoga challenge I’m doing?" Lol 👀 #Gladly #SizeDoesntMatter with @yogimj & @biggalyoga Day 6: #CamelPose #Ustrasana
I’ve come to find that you have to learn to carry a lot of love and a little bit of home with you wherever you go… But I’m missing a few of my heartbeats today. My little ones who aren’t so little anymore. #AuntieLove
"She remembered how quiet everything finally wuz…" Fitting.
One of my favs…rooting and rising #TrianglePose #Trikonasana . ☺️ Day 4 of the #sizedoesntmatter October challenge with @biggalyoga & @yogimj #andyesididthisonthesidewalk lol #DCthings