Today’s Mantra.

In order to rise, you must first take root. 

Because my best #SundayFundays be like: Showers. Sermons. French toast. Candles. Reading. Napping. Yoga. Dreaming. Oversized sweatshirts. Writing. Riesling. & Ol school reruns on this here couch. & Loving it. #currentlyallaboutthisgrandmalife

"Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old. Tell them and show them how much you love them before it’s too late."

— Unknown  (via psych-facts)

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Struggle jogs. Full #lotus. Hints of Fall. #thingsSaturdaysaremadeof
"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself." - Mother Maya Angelou                                                        Recreating my apartment space little by little and loving my new study space featuring a dope print from @mister_michelle ☺️ #BeHomeAtHome #RiseToTheSun #ApartmentTherapy

Things I need to write about.

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about a lot of things. Like literally sitting in the quiet of my apartment just thinking. But some things make much more sense when I’m able to pluck them out and write the down so….for now and for the sake of remembering I’ll just put them here:

1) the robbery in Accra
2) the conversations that followed
3) the yearning and the rage and the vulnerability I felt for one man, one night, in a lobby far far away
4) the thoughts that ran through my head when I heard Angela speak
5) the feeling of having my Blackness questioned, altered, and/or ignored in Ghana
6) coming back to America and immediately being thrown back into it
7) thinking about Grandpa. And his life, and his stories.
8) working through the fact that they worked and argued so hard to make sure that the last face he saw on this Earth, the last hand he held was NOT that of a white man. What that meant and why.

Ghana on my mind and heart this #tbt. Miss this place and these people, sending love in my place. #ChangeYourStyle #BeLikeDat #LiberiaCamp #PointHope #HarmonyCenter
Tonight I was beyond honored to be in the presence of Dr. Angela Y. Davis, and to witness Shola Lynch’s way of telling of her narrative. She reminded me that 1) we each have the power to live remarkable lives 2) freedom is not necessarily a static goal but an active pursuit..”Each time we achieve something we can define as freedom the definition becomes broader because we see there is so much more. As we achieve victory we change the terrain upon which freedom unfolds.” And so the struggle continues. #amazed #thankful #inspired #AngelaDavis #SholaLynch #NMAAHC
Kayaking with Charlene on the bay was the MOST fun. 50% paddling 50% laughter. Almost peed myself like 5 times lol. #MommyDaughterVacays #WeMadeFacesForNoParticularReason (at 48TH STREET WATERSPORTS)
Bay views and brunch.
#TheWHARF with the youth dem. #HCPP #Volunteer #PlaytimeFam #DCAdventures ❤️
I usually go Thursdays, but I snuck in on a Tuesday to be a part of this conversation with some of our teens at DC General. An open and then guided discussion about #MikeBrown #Ferguson and  personal experiences further underlined the fact that what is happening in Ferguson is happening in the vast majority of urban communities. So many of our KIDS have had tense interactions with the police, or even lost a family member at the hands of someone considered to be “in authority.” The issues of power, trust, respect echoed in their stories and in their questions. Our young people and their ability to articulate how the view the world around them never ceases to amaze me. #HCPP
[On the stereotypes that shape the lives of our boys.] AND THEN I found out yesterday that Noguera will be at a symposium in DC on 9/19. Hoping to finish this book by then. #ishallbethere #sponsoredbythesmithsonian #blackmales #blacklifematters #education #pedagogy